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Perplexed in Puerto Morelos

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Well, we have done it again. Last January, against our better judgement, we went ahead with our plans to travel to Oaxaca. What began as an intention to live quietly in sun and warmth ( as opposed to living quietly at home in grey and damp) did not go according to plan. When Trudeau announced that regulations were in the works to impose hotel quarantines and to ground planes, we cut our trip short by a month and scurried back home. We literally arrived the day before everything shut down.

This time felt different - everyone we knew was getting out of Dodge. Back in the late summer we were making plans with our family to meet up for a Christmas celebration on the beach. We picked Puerto Morelos for the excellent swimming, snorkelling, child-friendly activities and great range of restaurants. Unfortunately Danny and his girlfriend were not able to come because they only had a week off, but as of last week, it was all set for us and for Alex, Alanna and Leo to meet up.

We flew into Cancun last Tuesday night, after a 2-hour delay in Calgary due to frozen water lines on our plane, followed by an amusing bus tour to Puerto Morelos. I take full credit for the bus trip - a bus and a collectivo, actually, the latter barely boarded after a sweaty and anxious run across the bus terminal, dragging our suitcases behind us. All of this to save $60 on a cab because I had "read somewhere" there was a direct bus.

Never mind - we finally arrived at our cute little Airbnb, dropped off our stuff and then walked into town to pick up a few groceries. On the way back home we stopped for a beer and the always-entertaining spectacle of watching drunk older gringos dancing badly to a local band demolishing Van Morrison tunes.

The next morning we shook off the jet lag and went for a life-affirming walk along the beach, and began to feel as though life might be coming back to normal after all. Then we received a text from Alex asking us if we had heard anything about the travel restrictions that Trudeau was imposing.

Deja vu all over again, only in reverse. Last year we barely made it home and this year, we flew out one day in advance of the travel advisory being implemented. So now we are here and feeling quite confused, concerned and frustrated by the whole thing. Where do we go from here?

Alex, Alanna and Leo have gone ahead with their flight and arrived in Cancun three days ago - we will see them this afternoon and spend the next 12 days enjoying being together. We've spent the past few days watching Mexican families on the beach - we can't wait to see our little nieto join the other children.

For now, that is what we will concentrate on - being together with our family, enjoying the simple beauty of our surroundings, eating fresh and delicious food and wandering around in flip-flops and shorts.

I wondered about writing a blog about our experiences, and I have edited the address list considerably - if you are receiving this it is because I'm hoping you will be interested in following us on this strange and unpredictable trip. I think many of the postings will be very different than any I've done before, as we'll be travelling in a much more careful and considered way, and will be reacting to news of Omicron as it unfolds. Who knows - we may be home again long before we had planned.

This sign was propped against one of the restaurant walls.


Obviously we are not all infected with Covid, or Delta or Omicron. But we have all been infected with the same sense of dread, uncertainty, fear, even despair, as we grind along into our third winter with no end in sight. Articles abound about the adverse toll this is taking on mental health; certainly I no longer feel the same buoyant optimism I once did about the endless road trip and what lies around each new corner.

We're wondering about the future of travel and what it will look like. How long can communities sustain without tourism dollars? How will individuals regain confidence and curiosity about places that may be forever altered? Covid, combined with our climate crisis - how will that all unfold?

Lots to contemplate, but we can only go with what is in front of us. Today - the sun is shining and we are about to go to the beach. I'll keep you posted about our experiences, our conversations with others and our impressions as we travel along.

My next posting will be photo-heavy, and word-light(er)!

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I will continue to live vicariously through your travels. Stay safe and enjoy your family time together. Merry Christmas :)

by Ann Sapingas

Ginny - I'm not on facebook but love receiving your blog. Stay safe and happy times with your family. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all ! Love Lyn

by Lyn Morris

Thanks, Ginny, it’s all a blur, isn’t it? I am in the airport leaving for Santa Barbara and listening that there may be a ban on travel. Looking forward as you are to being with family after a long anticipation, love to you and your’s for a happy reunion, xo

by Mary charlotte

Ah yes, the ever changing high jacked possibility of best laid plans. We may have to give up for this year if we can find full health coverage too. Oh well, first world problem. Enjoy what you can. We’ve been through this before. You know what to do to remain safe and not a burden. Do lots outside, mask indoors , wash your hands, no paragliding! You have your boosters and you have less chance of infection and therefore spread. Love your posts. Enjoy yourselves and your family. Don’t give up!

by deborah shore

Hi Ginny. Thanks so much for the posting. I am encouraged by your writing and we do …as of today plan to make our way to Cozumel in January…will take the proper precautions and will be triple vaccinated.
I would rather be semi housebound in Cozumel than here!
Merry Christmas to All
Di and Bruce

by Diana Coryn

Have a great time in Mexico you two!
Getting chilly here but the sun comes out brighten the day.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.


So Nice to hear from you where it is sunny & warm.
It is cold but sunny here today. Look forward to your great stories. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Vera & Frank

by Vera Lappano

Have a great time with your family. You are there you may as well enjoy it.🎄🤩

by Joy

Thank you for your posting. I feel such a kinship with you both as we struggle and try to imagine our future travels around the world. Tonight, after a discussion with my brother, I will be cancelling our travels to Quebec. It is heartbreaking. Enjoy your family moments to the fullest. We will be thinking of you. Stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful Christmas. We look forward to the pictures and next update. 💕

by Suzanne

Hi you two😁
It sounds like you are set for Christmas with your family. We fly out tomorrow and will be on a beach on the opposite coast from you by the early afternoon. Looking forward to those future photos. Jeanne

by Jeanne Pfister

We share your feelings with regard to COVID and how much our lives have been impacted by it, not to mention the uncertainty of the future. However, presently you are in a beautiful place with some of your family; so, life is good! As we live through a bit of a deep freeze here in Alberta, we look forward to seeing some pictures of sun and sand to put a smile on our faces! Enjoy!

by Heather

Wow, you are so brave, and that’s what I like, I hope that some day we can join you in Mexico, and do Sayulita Rocks one last time. I promise, I will be more careful with you, Best 😎

by Piotr Prusiewicz

Travel on..explore, eat, drink and have a Merry Christmas. Thrilled Alex and fam are joining you. When life gives you lemons 🍋 you two certainly know what to do with them.
Love you, nanc

by Nancy

So good to see your blog start up again! Look forward to reading more in the future. Have fun and enjoy every warm second. Much love, Nancy

by Nancy Boyes

Feliz Navidad! Great to be able to enjoy the sun with you both. We are dreaming of a white Christmas.

by Hawkson

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