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"We're Going To Miss This!" 04.03.2022
The Yin and Yang of Mexico City 01.03.2022
Living La Dulce Vida in CDMX 26.02.2022
Taking a Ride on the Wild Side 21.02.2022
We're not in San Miguel de Allende... 14.02.2022
Whistling in Isla Mujeres 06.02.2022
Isla Holbox: the not-so-sleepy fishing village 28.01.2022
Valladolid: Almost Famous 22.01.2022
The sneaky charm of Merida 17.01.2022
Uxmal or Chichen Itza? 15.01.2022
Flamboyance in Celestun 13.01.2022
test post 10.01.2022
Cozumel: Home to Cruise Ships, Shipwrecks and Crocodiles 10.01.2022
Playa del Carmen: Well that was a surprise! 03.01.2022
Learning to Swim in Puerto Morelos 27.12.2021
Perplexed in Puerto Morelos 20.12.2021
Why we love the road trip... 15.04.2016
Confusion in the Copper Canyon 09.04.2016
Michael Bolton comes to Zacatecas 02.04.2016
Losing my innocence in Guanajuato 30.03.2016
Lost and found in Guanajuato 27.03.2016
Our San Miguel does not include gringo bingo 23.03.2016
Shedding tears with the Virgin in San Miguel de Allende 20.03.2016
High society weddings and low-brow art find a home in SMA 16.03.2016
Travel tips for surviving four months together (happily) 14.03.2016
Mexican oddities and gringo teeth 11.03.2016
Slouching towards spring in San Miguel 08.03.2016
Hello. It's me (us). In San Miguel de Allende with Adele. 04.03.2016
What millions of Monarch butterflies look like... 29.02.2016
Driving the scenic 120 through the Sierra Gordas 26.02.2016
The surreal, unreal vision of the brilliant Edward James 24.02.2016
From love in the ruins to climbing into thin air 20.02.2016
No more museums, please - you're killing us 16.02.2016
Love, hate, anguish,loss and hope 14.02.2016
The city of my dreams and nightmares is Mexico City... 12.02.2016
Day Effay! (as Mexico City is also known - D.F.) 09.02.2016
Tepoztlan: chakras, crystals and Carnavale 07.02.2016
The long and winding road to Cuetzalan: well worth the trip 03.02.2016
Paying attention in Puebla 31.01.2016
Warming up to Puebla 29.01.2016
The 2,000-year-old tree... 24.01.2016
Fast track to heaven... 19.01.2016
ACCIDENTE! 15.01.2016
On the road to Oaxaca 10.01.2016
Taxco -there's silver in them thar hills 06.01.2016
Humanity in Morelia and Getting Lost in Toluca 05.01.2016
Horseback riding is harder than it looks... 30.12.2015
Horseback riding is harder than it looks... 29.12.2015
Sayulita 22.12.2015
Guns, Rush Limbaugh and us 16.12.2015
New Orleans: art, architecture and curiosities 18.04.2015
New Orleans-style - more butter, more booze and John Boutté 14.04.2015
Driving towards The Big Easy 09.04.2015
I can't resist showing you: yet another side of San Miguel 04.04.2015
San Miguel: Christ, churches, churros and children... 03.04.2015
San Miguel: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful 01.04.2015
Xalapa: hot peppers, cool mist 28.03.2015
Tlacotalpan: The "unknown" UNESCO World Heritage site 25.03.2015
Palenque: why you must go 22.03.2015
Road trip to Palenque, Mexican-style 22.03.2015
Swimming with sea turtles: just another day at the beach 18.03.2015
Tulum: A Tale of Two Towns 17.03.2015
Hogging the shade in Tulum 15.03.2015
Tulum: between a rock and a hard place 12.03.2015
The Yucatan: From ruins to roseate spoonbills 08.03.2015
When taking the road less travelled backfires 06.03.2015
The view from the other seat. 04.03.2015
Campeche: pirates, pastels and bad pizza 02.03.2015
Guerrillas and graffiti... 25.02.2015
What poverty looks like in Chiapas: 23.02.2015
San Cristobal: kicking my preconceived ideas to the curb 23.02.2015
Lifting the Curtain on Huatulco 18.02.2015
Three Fears Down; None to Go 14.02.2015
From the ridiculous to the sublime: 11.02.2015
Saving time or saving sanity: burr-os or burr-itos? 05.02.2015
Toss the Tevas if you want to leave Morelia alive... 01.02.2015
Michoacan state is dangerous - fact or fiction? 28.01.2015
Magic in Mazamitla 25.01.2015
Dodging stingrays in Melaque 22.01.2015
Hasta Luego, Sayulita 18.01.2015
Tacos, tamales and tomatillos; jamaica, cerveza and tequila 15.01.2015
We're Not Lost, We're Exploring 10.01.2015
Death in Sayulita 06.01.2015
La Familia in Sayulita 01.01.2015
Feliz Navidad! 24.12.2014
It Takes Three Days... 19.12.2014
Busted by the Federales 16.12.2014
Rained out 13.12.2014
Trip Planning - 1 week before departure 05.12.2014